How quickly can I drive after my operation?
This depends on the type of operation. Evidence has shown that for joint replacement driving ability is affected upto six weeks and so should not be attempted until after this time point.What limitations will I have after joint surgery?
Your new joint is a mechanical one and as such cannot repair itself like your body. The more you do with your new joint the greater the risk you will have of it wearing out quicker than expected. However you can undertake most activities. If there are any activities you wish to participate in post joint replacement please discuss them with Mr Cope prior to surgery as it may alter the choice of surgery.

Can I kneel on my knee replacement?
Yes but it can be painful so people often don’t. Evidence has shown that only 20 to 30% of patients kneel on their new knee replacement. This figure is greater in Muslim patients who have to kneel to pray. So with perseverance kneeling is possible however it may cause some discomfort.

How can I reduce my risk of complications from surgery?
If you smoke stop prior to the surgery as it makes a difference. Smoking affects your wound healing and increases your risks of chest infections, heart attacks and blood clots.

Try and keep as mobile and active as you can. The less wasting to the muscles around the affected joint the quicker you will recover after the operation.

If anything changes to your heath then contact Mr Cope as soon as possible as your surgery may need to be delayed.

Weight reduction. If you are carrying a few extra pounds then reducing your weight preoperatively will help with your pain control and also help to reduce your surgical risks and speed up your recovery. Seven times your body weight goes through your knee joint on stair climbing.

How sore will I be after my operation?
This is dependant on the operation that you have had. Your comfort post operatively is important to me and although pain cannot be fully eliminated every effort is made to reduce it as much as possible. For joint replacements I utilise an accelerated rehabilitation programme that aims to reduce your pain using drugs given before surgery, during surgery and after. For this I received a Pride Award at Southport and Ormskirk Trust. A spinal anaesthetic is often used making the limb pain free for 4 hours.

How long will my new joint last?
I am unable to predict this however evidence from joint replacement registries such as the Swedish one show that for the knee joint I use 96 out of 100 joints are still in and working at 10 years. For the hip I use the survival is even better with 97 out of 100 joints still in and working at 10 years.

I am a highly trained individual who will make every effort to ensure that the joint replacement I implant will last as long as possible. It must be remembered that it is an artificial joint and as such cannot repair itself so the more you do the likely it is to wear out quicker.

When can I start to have sex again?
As soon as you feel comfortable all common positions are safe but you can discuss this further with Mr Cope if you wish.

How often do you perform these operations?
All data is collected Nationally on all surgeons you can view Mr Cope's data here.

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